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Ok i'm tired of surfing the Rover forums, Concerto, 1g Integra. Crx UK
Please someone do me a favour and point me in the right direction of modifying the ZC1/ D16A2 MK1 Crx

So far...i've learnt i can fit the MK2 Crx/Rover d16a8/9 head and raise the CR by using its pistons and make using an electric adv. dizzy look stock.

I would like to know where i can source flat faced valves, better pistons and pls, pls tell me how the ZC1 handles revs! has someone used a decsent set of cams and took it to 8k? whats the R/S?

Apart from the shiny header, the motor MUST look stock its my car thats how i want it, so i want some magic from the inside. no bolt-on's!

Any advise??
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