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Hi there.

I "built" this week for the first time ( i do mostly Bs usually) and i got a few problem.
Before to do this "built" i read many posts on different forums and everything seemed fine to me.
But on the problem i have, i read one thing and the contrary, so i ask the question to you :

car is EJ1
Block is ZC1 SOHC non vtec from Integra DC1
Head is D16z6
Wiring is obd1 from d15b7 (i have to had the wiring for vtec, which i already prepared)
Dizzy is TD42u
Alternator is OBD2 modified OBD1
ECU is P28 full stock
Timing belt D16z6
tensioner i do not remember
Camshaft pulley D16z6
There is stil E85 in the tank, mixed with fuel from the previous B20 set up

The problem :

The car will start after 3/4 attempts
Throw code 21 (but it is vtec so ok)
and shuts down

I read around that d16z6 cam pulley is ok, and on other it is not ok.
So maybe this or a bad dizzy ?

I have a video on youtube but i am not allowed to put it here as i am a newby
my youtube account is oldrulezef9

Thanks a lot


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you stated you have e85 in the tank.

Even if its only 15% of the fuel in the tank, a stock p28 is gonan have trouble starting.

That is assuming everything else is gravy.

Recheck distributor position, and verify mechanical timing is SPOT ON.

Then perhaps try getting it to run with a quick SMALL spritz from starter fluid. If it fires up quite fast, then fuel is most liekly your only issue,

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fuck that.

unhook the fuel return, and toss the e85 mix into a bucket.

Then simply get 2 gallons of 87 or 91 and try and fire it up.

Much better than trying to drown the e85 with other fuel and HOPING it works
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