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I have a set of Web camshafts(Grind 148E) that I had in my previous 88 Integra. The cams worked very decent and the Idle was like stock. Since then I replaced my engine with a suppose factory replacement japanese engine(87 Brown Top). The reason I say" suppose" is because I can't find the freaking stamp on the block yet, but I will have time this saturday thanks to the help and info from other group members. Anyhow I was told that these Web cams may not work properly on my current engine if indeed my engine is a JDM-ZC beacuse the intake cam needs a slighty more aggressive grind. I checked the Web Cam web site and they do list 86-00 Integra cams as well as 86-89 Integra ZC cams.
Has anyone with 86-89 Integra ever installed performance cams for a D16A1 engine in to an 86-89 ZC-JDM motor? and did it work properly?
On a side note, Does anyone know the duration on the intake & exhuast stock D16A1(USDM) cams as well as the ZC-JDM(86-87 Integra) cams?
I will try to cut & paste the cam spec info from the webcam web-site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. These set of web cams have been sitting under my bed boxed away for almost 4 years and I want to have them install once again.

Thanks, Ed.

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It's good to hear that the 148e grind worked well in your 88 Teg. The Web Cams site shows only cams for the 86-89 ZC, therefore I assume they should work in your engine if indeed it is a ZC.

If you check the site below you will see three sections for Acura and please notice that the first two DO NOT show any cams for a D series engine. The third/last section shows the grind you state for ZC,s only.

ACURA INTEGRA 1.6 ZC (1986-1989)

Here is another site that will give you comparisons on the grinds:``JGE cam specs2.htm

You might also like to read through this thread:

Another of interest that gives suppliers:

That should keep you busy for a while. Let us know how you make out for your situation.
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