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I have JDM DOHC ZC which I am doing a rebuild on and have a query about bearings.
One of the main journals has started to pick up some damage and requires machining. this will leave the outside diameter of the bearing the same, (ie code B) but the inside diameter will be different (because material will have been ground off the journal) therefore in theory it will have gone up a number (depending on the amount of material ground off, from a 2 to a 3) therefor to be able to use a "stock" colour bearing I need to know what the I.D. of the next bearing up is to be able to machine the journal to the correct clearence. I would also be keen to know what the overall matrix dimensions relate to as the engine has high k's(240K) and I would like to check the others prior to getting the crank ground as the others might need the same treatment.
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