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Z6/Y8 cylinder head comparison thread......

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Anyone from the old site remember that really good post detailing the differences between the z6 and y8 heads? It had pictures, details, etc.... It would be a great addition to our archives, and very helpful to me!
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Its on the old board somewhere.....someone have the link saved?
This is gonna get bumped til I find it!
Come on now!!1 I still havent found it!
Nope.....It was an actual thread on the old board with up-close pictures of a z6 and y8 head at multiple angles, comparing and contrasting both.
I know mang!!! I went there and did a search, but with my ADD I cant search for very long without getting mad!. :D
You, my man, are MONEY. Pure GOLD.
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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