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Thanks for taking the time to look but I seem to have run into a little problem on my engine assembly. The oil pump that I have was previously disassembled but Im putting it back together and am stumped with this oil pump. Ive completed the rest of my build and at this point Im just waiting to assemble the oil pump but have no idea what todo with these hex head screws?

The one looks like a drain of sorts and has nothing behind it while obviously the other has a spring and check ball behind it. Do these screws have torque specs?
Do they need loc tite like the gear cover screws?

Also on the one with the spring the correct order is: ball, spring and then the screw correct? I'm almost positive it is but it doesn't hurt to double check myself.

Beyond that I'm ready to HondaBond this baby to the block and drop this sucker in. Any help is appreciated!!!
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