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92 Si D16Z6 5sp----------------- P08-2 (9/2) stamped on RS of code.
93 Si D16Z6 5sp------------------P08-4 (9/3) stamped on rs of head
93 EX D16Z6 5spd--------------- P08-4
93 EX D16Z6 5sp-----------------P08-3
94 EX D16z6 5 spd-------------- PO8-2
94 Si D16z6 5sp----------------- P08-3
94 EX D16Z6 5sp-----------------P08-4
94 SI D16z6 5sp ----------------P08-5
95 EX D16Z6 Auto----------------P08-2

found this "info" on superhonda and wondering....are there any differances between the heads of dif yrs/ ex/si's?....or just #'s to classify them?...also heard that there are 2 dif. z6 cams (either dif between ex/si trims or civic/del sol bodies)....can anyone chime in on this?...t.i.a.:mikej:
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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