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Step on down to O,,,O,,,O Reily's and order one, They even list the different snout sizes. About $250 for a reman crank with bearings, 3-5 days to get delivered to local hub warehouse.
I WISH this was the case and as easy when I was on the hunt.

When I was looking for a Z6 reman crank example strictly for the oiling advantages, parts stores were my first go-to since almost all the big box parts stores get their remans from the same 2 companies.

Out of 5 cranks I had ordered and shipped to different stores (NAPA, advance, autozone, oreilly) hoping to have a good variety with a higher chance at finding a true Z6 crank, verified we were ordering with part numbers specified for a Z6 out of the supplier's catalog, EVERY one of them was a Y7/Y8 crank, journals with single oiling holes.

Because these crank journals and snouts are interchangable between Z6 and Y7/Y8 blocks, and there is almost no perceivable difference in performance between them from an OEM power level and application perspective, so the reman company simply rolls with it, knowing they can hit their "meets or exceeds OEM quality" benchmark, since they are rebuilding to OE standards, not race car needs.

There are simply more Y7/Y8 examples out there. Thats what ends up in the reman box most of the time for Z6's right now, its just whatever supply they have on hand gets put in a box.

Many guys have had luck sourcing Z6 cranks from parts stores after ordering a handful, I was unlucky in my hunt unfortunately.

@Oldcivicjoe helped me out sourcing one in the end that ended up being perfectly in spec, I just had to figure out a way to repair the keyway. The whole thing turned out great in the end!
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