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Hey guys, I've been doing some digging and I'd like to pick the brains of people more knowledgeable than myself about real world numbers.

My build will be running the following:

Complete D16Z6
CP 9:1 compression forged pistons 75.5mm
Eagle rods
ARP head studs
ACL bearings (I think it was?)
Cast divided turbine inlet manifold
2 1/4" exhaust (currently on the car with a glasspack as a resonator and a Flowmaster HP2 muffler - may upgrade to 2.5" depending on need and funds)
Transmission from a B7 (I don't want to hear a bunch of nagging about using the Z6 trans instead, the B7 works perfectly for my driving)

So, obviously I'm looking for that 9:1 static compression ratio, if anyone knows how to get closer to a 9.5:1 let me know!

I've been digging through Garrett's website and spent the last two hours reading through their information and picking a turbo.

I don't know if I can do links yet... anyway if that didn't work, I'm looking at the GT2871R, this turbo hits every mark I needed given all the calculations I went through on their "Turbo Tech Expert" page. However, based on those specs alone I'd need to be pushing about 22psi of boost to generate 300hp at the flywheel.

I had a baseline of 30 ib/min for airflow needs for a 300hp target and a pressure ratio of basically 2.5.

Anyway, what is really bothering me is the amount of boost it's saying I would need to reach that. Which I guess still should keep me over 250whp but still seems disappointing.

My plan is to run 15psi on a daily driver, completely forged internals, a cleaned up Y8 intake manifold unless I decide to look into aftermarket manifolds. I'd like to run 2 3/4" intercooler piping if I can find it otherwise it'll be 2.5". I'm eyeballing the .64 A/R but if I can find one in the .70's I thought it would be a better compromise between low end and high end power. I'm not planning on having it rev out higher than 8000 rpm and may not even go that high.

Also for this build I'll be running a 10ib flywheel unless I reuse my current flywheel which is about 8ibs and the HC5-XTG4 - XT/Race Sprung 4 Pad or 6 Pad clutch kit from ACT (still reading about them) but they're rated for 380 ft/ibs at the flywheel with a moderate to heavy pedal feel like I'm wanting.

I'm on Drag DR 62's, 15x7 and I will be running 205/50/15 tires, brand to be determined, but I'm wanting another crack at Nitto Neo Gen's since I found a patch of road with screws and they all died within the first month I had them and I never got to really try them out. Apparently it's not a common tire size so options are limited...

But back to the subject at hand, based on that information anyone have any guesses as to what I could reasonably be looking at for whp with this setup and how well it should hold up in long term reliability?

Also, I read that the Hondata S300 was the best overall tuning program for these cars, is that true?
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