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Below is a list I compiled of all the clearance specifications for the D16Z6 Block, it is taken from the 1995 Civic Helm's Factory Service Manual, I decided to make a nice chart for quick reference when doing my engine build, and so I dont fill the pages of my nice new service manual with grease and dirt like I did my Chilton's. I had to split it up into two posts because it exceedes 10,000 characters.

If anyone would like a copy of the actual MS word (.doc) file send me an email and I will send it to you, I tried to attach it to this post but the file size was too large. The actual file looks better. If you need any other info from the book email me. If you wanna buy your own go to , thats the website that the service tech at my local Honda dealership directed me to. The book is the best I have ever seen, walks all over a Chiltons.

Honda D16Z6 Engine Block Clearance Specifications

Connecting Rod End Play:

Standard (New): 0.15-0.30mm (0.006-0.012in)

Service Limit 0.40mm (0.016in)

Crankshaft End Play:

Standard (New): 0.10-0.35mm (0.004-0.014in)

Service Limit 0.45mm (0.018in)

Main Bearing-to-Journal Oil Clearance:

Standard (New): No. 1,5 Journals: 0.018-0.036mm (0.0007-0.0014in)

No. 2,3,4 Journals: 0.024-0.042mm (0.0009-0.0017in)

Service Limit 0.05mm (0.002in)

Connecting Rod Bearing-to-Journal Oil Clearance:

Standard (New): 0.020-0.038mm (0.0008-0.0015in)

Service Limit 0.05mm (0.002in)

Crankshaft Total Indicated Runout:

Standard (New): 0.03mm (0.001in) max.

Service Limit 0.04mm (0.002in)

Journal Out-of–Round:

Standard (New): 0.0025mm (0.00010in) max.

Service Limit 0.005mm (0.0002in)

Journal Taper:

Standard (New): 0.0025mm (0.00010in) max.

Service Limit 0.005mm (0.0002in)

Piston Diameter:

Standard (New): 74.980-74.990mm (2.9520-2.9524in)

Service Limit 74.970mm (2.9516in)

Piston-to-Block Clearance:

Standard (New): 0.010-0.040mm (0.0004-0.0016in)

Service Limit 0.05mm (0.002in)

Oversize Piston Diameter:

0.25: 75.230-75.240mm (2.9618-2.9622in)

0.50: 75.480-75.490mm (2.9716-2.9720in)

Cylinder Bore Size:

Standard (New) X: 75.000-75.020mm (2.9528-2.9535in)

Standard (New) Y: 75.000-75.015mm (2.9528-2.9533in)

Service Limit 75.070mm (2.9555in)


0.25: 75.250-75.270mm (2.9626-2.9634in)

0.50: 75.500-75.520mm (2.9724-2.9732in)

Bore Taper

Limit: Difference between 1st and 3rd


0.05mm (0.002in)

Reboring Limit:

Limit: 0.50mm (0.020in)

Normal Bore Size:

D16Z6 Engine: 48.0mm (1.89in)

Except D16Z6 Engine: 45.0mm (1.77in)

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Piston Pin Diameter:

Standard (New): 18.994-19.000mm (0.7478-0.7480in)

Oversize: 18.997-19.003mm (0.7479-0.7481in)

Piston Pin-to-Piston Clearance:

Standard (New): 0.010-0.022mm (0.0004-0.0009in)

Piston Pin-to-Connecting Rod Inteference:

Standard (New): 0.014-0.040mm (0.0006-0.0016in)

Piston Ring End Gap:

Top Ring

Standard (New): 0.15-0.30mm (0.006-0.012in)

Service Limit 0.60mm (0.024in)

Second Ring

Standard (New): 0.30-0.45mm (0.012-0.018in)

Service Limit 0.70mm (0.028in)

Oil Ring

Standard (New):

D16Z6 Engine: 0.20-0.70mm (0.008-0.028in)

D15Z1 Engine: 0.20-0.50mm (0.008-0.020in) *1

0.20-0.70mm (0.008-0.028in) *2

Service Limit 0.80mm (0.031in)

*1: Teikoku Piston Ring Manufacture

*2: Riken Piston Ring Manufacture

D15B7, D15B8 Engines: 0.20-0.80mm (0.008-0.031in)

Service Limit 0.90mm (0.035in)

Ring-to-Groove Clearance:

Top Ring Clearance

Standard (New)

D15Z1 Engine: 0.035-0.060mm (0.0014-0.0024in)

Except D15Z1 Engine: 0.030-0.060mm (0.0012-0.0024in)

Service Limit 0.13mm (0.005in)

Second Ring Clearance

Standard (New)

D15Z1 Engine: 0.035-0.060mm (0.0014-0.0024in)


0.030-0.055mm (0.0012-0.0022in)


Except D15Z1 Engine: 0.030-0.055mm (0.0012-0.0022in)

Service Limit 0.13mm (0.005in)

*1: Teikoku Piston Ring Manufacture

*2: Riken Piston Ring Manufacture

Piston Ring Grooves:

Top Ring Groove: 1.0mm (0.04in) wide (D15Z1)

or 1.2mm (0.05in) wide

(except D15Z1)

Second Ring Groove: 1.2mm (0.05in) wide (D15Z1)

or 1.5mm (0.06in) wide

(except D15Z1)

Oil Ring Groove: 2.8mm (0.11in) wide
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