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So yeah, my car started knocking again, it's a really loud tap, so I think to myself that some how a rod bearing already went bad somehow. I pull out the trusty stehoscope and listen to her heart beat, and I notice that sound is coming from the center of the block.

Last night I dropped the oil pan and took a look see. the pan was clean of shavings for the most part, There were some micro shavings from everything bearking in and what not, and there were some bigger chunks, however I think those some how snuck past me in the rebuild, possibly they came out of the oil pump pick up.

So anyway, I pull of the big hickey ma jigger that holds the crank in place. All of the crank bearings look good, next step is the rod bearings, grab on to the rod caps and see if any have play, nope, all of those bearings are good too, check the thrust bearings, those are cool too.

So I put it all back together even more confused than ever!

Compression is running about 240-245 on all 4 cyl., but I am running extremly rich and burning oil, due to the fact that I didn't think to change the valve stem seals when I replaced those.
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