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Yet another RamHorn....Beware....little "Cheap" lol....

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well....was lil bored and looking at some ebay shit....anyways....found this

hahaha........was gonna see who would be the first one to try it out and let us know!! lol....if i had the money for the moment....i would give it a whurl....but ehh...need my block done first....anyways... :shock:
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OBX has been known for some fitment issues and are known to be just another eBay knockoff company for some. I've also noticed that the OBX Intake Manifold has worked for some with minor modifications...
Nope. Custom Stainless is the best way to go...
If somebody actually did this manifold right... I'd like to see what kinda numbers it would put down. I'm guessing somewhere around Ram-Horn numbers because the runners around the length of that of a Ram-Horn.
1 - 3 of 52 Posts
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