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Yet another RamHorn....Beware....little "Cheap" lol....

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well....was lil bored and looking at some ebay shit....anyways....found this

hahaha........was gonna see who would be the first one to try it out and let us know!! lol....if i had the money for the moment....i would give it a whurl....but ehh...need my block done first....anyways... :shock:
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If I can find a good deal on the blur then Im getting it and having it braced...but if I can't, my plan has been to order that 1st ram horn that was originally shown (not the OBX but the other one) and have it retig welded on the places where these manifolds are most common for cracking and also have it braced in several places too. I think it will work just fine as long as it is in fact braced and rewelded in a couple spots...if not, shit it didn't cost much for a ram horn that looked damn good for at least a little while lol
yea Im sure a major factor in them breaking is that they're very thin...but if it's braced properly and there's not much downforce on the manifold then it shouldn't break. Ya never know. You may be right lol. But I've seen them work a lot of times so Im gona give it a shot. Doesn't cost that much.
I just researched 321 grade steel and from what I can tell, it's a nice strong metal that has good welding characteristics and also has good heat resistance up to around 900 if this manifold is truely made of 321 stainless steel then it shouldn't be to bad if rewelded and braced. A lot of other SSAC mani's are made out of 304 which also has good welding characteristics but from what I find, it's not quite as durable as 321 grade and is not as strong as 321 after 500 degrees. It's heat resistance is lower than 321 for sure. Im guessing with rewelding and bracing, it's going to just fine..
yea but tons of people have boosted their cars using rewelded and braced the original manifolds which are were made out of the 304 steel...and the 321 is stronger and has a better heat I don't see why it wouldn't work with the 321 stainless one as long as it's welded good and braced...I'll give it a try. If it doesn't work and it cracks, I'll have it rewelded and then I'll sell it. I could buy this and have it rewelded 6 times before it equals the price a good custom ramhorn...ya know what Im sayin?
well what's the cheapest custom miniram? I'm not worried about it making power. I know a log can make as much as I need for a while but I love the look of rams and minirams...I don't want to spend over like 350 on a manifold if you can tell me who custom makes mini's for that much then I'll get one...otherwise, I'm probably going to get the ebay one and weld the shit out of it and brace it really good.
1 - 5 of 52 Posts
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