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welll check this out guys.....i emailed him in regards to weak steal ect.....this is what he had to say....

this wont crack since this is made with 321 steel and not the cheap 304
steel. yes this is ac compatible
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> on the Box itself thst the monifold comes says "with AC" is it
> Ac
> compatibale.....Also...i have bought many manifolds in the past....they
> tend
> to this one prone to it.....i love the manifold...and i like
> honesty as well....i am very interested in this it is a
> clean
> design...anyways please let me know...Thx!
> John...

Hehe and its AC compatibale>? fuck......i am gonna try it out when i get my block together in about 1 month or so.....i will let you guys know....Even though the msg was came from the horses mouth!! well, even if it does....i will save this email...and send it back to him Via computer and ill print it out on paper and send it back to him as well and tell him to keep replacing it for me if this "did" happen.....haha...but looks good....shit we all use OBX LSD;s in our trannies anyways hahaha.....i am sure the quality isnt shitty.....
I have an OBX Manifold, it is a/c and powersteering compatible! This thing is made with some thick metal, thing ways almost 50 pounds. The welds are not the best but appear to be sufficient as well as each runner is braced right by the flange. The ports would definately need some attention with a dremel cuz them bitches are lopsided haha. But anyways if you want one, i will sell you mine for 350 shipped, brand new in the box. Bills are kicking my ass so i gotta sell my turbo shit and take care of some debts. Let me know if your interested and i hope i helped in some way

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Like i said these are not horrible looking manifolds but they're not the prettiest either but hey they'll get ya boosted. I'll get some pics of the ports later to show what i was talking about with dremel work. If anyone is thinking about buying one of these mani's, feel free to ask for specific pics of certain areas and i will be glad to help ya out. I figure i've got one in my posession and alot of the times people have been putting these in the same category as ssautoshit. In fact ssac is now selling their mani's under the OBX name i've noticed. But i would definately say that the OBX mani is alot better than the ssac manis.
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