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So here is the current set up.

90 Crx dx
D16a6 IM
D16a6 dizzy
Pm6 ecu
All electrical connectors connected properly

I have scrubbed almost all posts, but I could have missed one. I have followed garage built honda, Dana Prum, and other how to mpfi swaps. I have 0 CELs, car fires up immediately. Good spark across the plugs, no exhaust leaks, no coolant leaks, and all vacuum ports have an associated hose to it and clamped, and followed vacuum hose diagrams. When the car starts, it immediately jumps to 3k rpm, and doesnt bog. I can give gas and it revs higher. Throttle plate is flush even when throttle cable is removed. Engine will die of i put my hand over the throttle body. If I removed the vacuum hose on IACV the car idles down to 750-800 but runs really rich smelling and liquid comes oit the exhaust and faint smoke. Thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly help
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