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So I've looked around and searched for awhile and found some info, but I wanna know if I have this correct. This is for a D16Y8 head on a D16Y7 block.


- D16y8 head
- D16y8 Intake manifold
- D16y8 Throttle body
- D16y8 Fuel rail
- D16y8 Fuel injectors
- P28 (w/ adapter harness) or P2P ecu
- D16Y8 Head gasket
- Copper spray
- Intake manifold gasket
- Throttle body gasket
- Exhaust manifold gasket
- Y8 Timing belt
- 96-00 Honda Civic EX Spark Plugs
- Some Wire, and Wire Connectors

I'll change the oil and coolant at this time too. I also want to know if I can use my Y7 distributer instead of the Y8.
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