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The y7 dizzy will work ! you have to do some modification, the gear on the bottom is 180 degrease out. You have to pull the ring and slide out the pin that holds the gear on. Turn it 180 and put it all back together. This is the difference between the v tech and non v tech dizzy.
Not on 96-00 D-Series. Its a DIRECT bolt on. I put a y8 head on my y7 block, and everything was straight foward. My y7 dizzy bolted onto the y8 head perfectly, and there is no oil restricter between #2 and #3 cylinder's in the block (like most people think). The y7 block is tapped from the factory for the knock sensor, so all you have to do, is put the sensor in, and wire it up.

OP, you'll also need a knock sensor. Esp if your going to use the y8 ECU (which you'll most likely have to do for inspection purposes).
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