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y8 mani success

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my y8 manifold is working great on my y7 motor finally. i did have a few idle problems but i fixed those and the car is running like a champ. i'm actually suprised by the gains i got from this y7 to y8 IM swap. the Bomz intake, ex IM, Megan 4-2-1 header, and Magnaflow exhaust are working great together.

overall im very pleased i got my ass up and did it.

if you have a y7 IM, then ditch that bitch and get yourself a y8!! and that shit is final!!
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good to hear:TU:....whats next for her?
i did the swap myself a few days ago, had the stupidest problem due to my incompetence... honda gave me the wrong tb gasket, and i didn't check... *smacks forehead* but yes, damn well worth it to do the swap.
just did the swap on my buddys Y7 but the idle is fluctuating (sp?) I think it has to do with the 3 wire to 2 wire IACV
is it an auto or manual im?
Next time you get some money get it ported.
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