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Hey guys,
I've dealt with this glitch all summer and tried dynoing and street tuning with different settings however nothing helped. The problem is whenever I start the car when the engine is cold or if I just stopped and started it up within minutes the throttle has this weird on/off light switch effect while gently touching it. It's either you are lightly touching it and nothing then push a little more and it snaps and starts accelerating. Just like a light switch. It only happens at throttle closed to starting to open.

Once the engine is warm it stops or if I start the car with the command start and let it idle for 5mins or more. Other than this glitch the car runs excellent and is even easier on fuel than it was stock. Pin outs were swapped on the harness during the IM and OBD1 change over and the wiring change from 3 wire to 2 for the IACV. I even cleaned the IACV. The guy who tuned the car claimed that the IACV might need to be matched or tuned to the throttle body? Maybe I misunderstood considering that he is very french I'm really unsure about any adjustments on the IACV let alone matching to the throttle body. I believe he used a B series map since he did not have a D series one. Said that this was the first D series he tuned. Here are my mods:

Engine mods:
D16Y8 intake manifold
Password JDM thermal intake manifold gasket
AEM fuel pressure regulator
AEM adjustable cam gear
240cc injectors
Generic intake
SMSP 4-1 Jet Hot ceramic coated header
Metal substract cat
Tanabe Hyper Medalion catback exhaust
Shaved and balanced crank pulley
NGK “blue” wires
NGK iridium plugs
Frog OBD2-OBD1conversion harness
P06 ECU tuned with Crome Pro
Spoon radiator cap
Skunk 2 short shifter
Exedy stage 1 clutch
Evolution Industries 11.5lbs. flywheel

Thanks in advance!!!

for those who are curious it made 110whp and 107ftlbs.

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sticky throttle is very common. I've been having problems with that for a long time now. What's happening is that once the car warms up the coolant that runs through the TB heats up the TB and it expands allowing it to move a little free'er.

What I've noticed is that, that screw that stops the throttle plate from closing completely, the screw that acutally touches the piece thats connected to the throttle cable, you can turn to rev up the car. that screw is pretty sharp and it bonds to the metal on that throttle piece. I just removed it and it makes it worse, because idlely it should close completely. I have a spare TB that flipped that screw around. the other is a lot smoother. I can open the throttle all day and it doesn't get stuck.

The head of a screw or something with a smooth surface is what you want. trying to control how much the plate is open with the throttle cable tension doesn't work to well, as it causes the rpm shoot up really high.

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id guess either a faulty TPS, or too much timing pulled at idle vs. surrounding cells in your map
ryan89crx thanks alot for the reply. I replaced the tps on my Y8 throttle body with another from a spare Y7 throttle body. Whenever installing a new one should it be adjusted or just bolt on and that is it? Reason for changing it was that the old one on the YB TB had a busted plug.

I'm really hoping its that since I have another tps on my original Y7 intake manifold. If it's a simple adjustment it would be great too.

Hopefully its not the timing in the map considering it will be a third drive back, for almost 300kms, to get it tuned again..... This was the first time the shop I went to has ever tuned a D series. They are used to B, H, F and K's..... So this is a learning curve however this stuff should be fairly basic no matter what. Unless the base maps help them out that much.

Do you know if there is a D series base map for Crome Pro or if it is normal having to use a B series map? Do you think using the B series map might be the problem? Which you probably already answered my question by the map timing.

guest thanks for the helpful post unfortunately I don't believe it's my throttle body or cable, however once the car is out of winter storage I will go over it just in case.

Thanks to everyone for the helpful posts it is greatly appreciated!!! ;)
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