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Y7 on B2

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I found a Y7 head for dirt cheap and I have an un-oil-thirsty (meaning it doesn't burn oil) b2 laying around... what about pairing both, with a 91 SI tranny? The CR calculator says 10.2:1, which would be pretty good assuming that it would still be my daily driver...

Second question, the guy also sells the intake with it. What mod should I expect to do to the IM to fit it on? I think OBD2 D-series had features that makes it a fitting affaire, am I right?

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Don't get the intake, it's worthless. Sounds like a fun combo though.
putting a y7 head onto a b2 block is like putting a z6 head onto a b2 block but without the vtec.

go for it! use the z6/y8 hg.

i think you also have to remove the oil jet that's on your b2 block, since the y7 head has it in the head.

dont get the y7 IM! you sould do a mpfi swap and should go for a z6 or y8 IM at least, or maybe an edelbrock or skunk2.
Why not the intake? It comes with the head, I guess it's already better than the TBI B2 intake, no? Isn't it more like putting a y8 without the VTEC? The y7 has the nice quench zones, just like the y8...

And isn't the oil jet a Vtec thing?
the y7 head actually has the same cc size as the z6 head, therefore i would expect it to have the same quench area as the z6 head.

i could be wrong about the quence area, but it does have the same cc size as the z6 head, that i know.

the y7 head has the same size valves as the y8/z6.

even though the y7 IM is an improvement from the b2, it's still not as good as a z6 or a y8.

and i'm pretty sure that the y7 head has the "oil orifice assembly/oil passage" (i think that is what it's really called) since their block doesn't come with one.
Ok... So I must remove the oil jet on the head or on the block? Is it a little cylindrical thing about half an inch long? I yes I think I've seen this somewhere on the web, I should be able to find how tos about it...

What about the A6 IM? They're a lot easier and cheaper to find than the y8 and z6 unit...

And as for the CC, the CR calculator ( says it's 32.80cc, exactly like the y8... it's said the Z6 is 34.60, which isn't bad either but if the y7 is also 34.60 then I'll get a cometic 0,[email protected] thick head gasket to get a similar CR.

As for the dizzy... I think I must take an A6 unit? Will another distributor from another engine work?

Last question lol. Does the A6 camshaft fit the y7 head? I don't think there aftermarket camshafts for the y7, plus the a6 stock camshaft probly is more aggressive than the y7 stock camshaft...

Thanks a whole damn lot!
A6 cam wont fit Y7 head but you can get a pretty nice regrind from Delta
A6 cam wont fit Y7 head but you can get a pretty nice regrind from Delta
Delta regrind FTW :TU:
Check the classified, there is always some z6 IM for sales.....jdm D15B vtec IM work too(same thing as the z6 IM)
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