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xylocramer's Boosted Sol Build

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Hey everyone. One day a couple months ago I got it into my head that I wanted to turbo my Del sol. It's a red 1993 Del sol Si D16Z6 5-speed.

It's gone through a few ordeals in its time with me. I got it in the spring of '08. I knew nothing about Honda's other than they got good mileage and people liked to rice them out. Fortunately I managed to avoid ricing my car out.

I had been working on my 1983 El Camino since I was 13 and because of all it's modification I got about.... 12 MPG? It's a beast but that's neither here nor there.

I got the Del sol and drove it to college and used it for daily driving, errands, going to the GF's and whatever. In Feb 2010 The car was stolen off the street over night. The car was completely stock and was actually a little rough. The rear window doesn't work, all the shocks were blown, the hood's dented, the glove box was broken, the shifter knob was hacked off in a cheap attempt for a short shifter. So basically the previous owner abused the car.

Anyway, it was stolen in Feb, recovered in San Antonio in March 2010. The key cylinder and plastic column cover were broken and the car had a few hundred more miles on it, but other than that (and the radio being taken) it was exactly the same.

So we got it back to Austin, I was starting it with a screw driver which was kind of unnecessary, but I was doing it. I figured, who would want to steel a car with no radio that has obviously been stolen recently. WELL.... as it turns out, someone did. At this time I was no longer parking it on the street I came home one day (2 months to the day after the first theft) and it was gone from under my apartment.

Turns out someone tried to take it after I had gone to class in the morning. The broke a little 1/4 window to get in, and were somehow too stupid to start it...... (I was starting it with a screw driver) So they rolled it out into my parking lot and abandoned it. Someone called the cops and the cops took it and impounded it. The tow truck driver broke my rear taillight and dented the area around the licence plate. Of course they never fessed up to it so the trunk area is still dented but I have since replaced the taillight.

Bought car, got stolen twice, recovered twice, started modding it and then I found DSO and got serious.

Here's a pic of the engine basically as I found it. The only thing's I had done as of this picture are put a K&N stock replacement airfilter in, taken off the header, high temp painted and heat wrapped it.

Here's after I got it back the second time and started working on it.

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Might want to check the condition of the rack boots before you start the project. If they're shot prepare to bend over at advance as they are around $65 a side(Moog). Also check the condition of your upper a-arms(Balljoints and the mounting bushings)

I say your MPG issue was in the tune. I'm running an asston lower compression that you (like 7.49:1 LS rods vitara piston combo) with higher boost(10psi DD 15psi for fun), larger injectors and I get between 29-34mpg.
I'm sure my ball joints are toast too :mad: but the boots? 14 and 15?
They are $14 and $19 from honda.....

Ya man, it's gotta be the tune. because 25 mpg on this thing under relatively normal driving conditions is just ridiculous
del sol as it sits today.
had to ghetto some stuff cuz I didn't have enough time to get rid of the resistor box for the injectors and change the IM. But got rid of the snail.

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well it was fast once :mad:
Indeed it was. But removing the turbo from the del sol is just another step forward on the crx build.

Unfortunately without the turbo to quiet the exhaust it sounds soooo horrible. Need to get a real muffler so that I don't go deaf and look like an idiot ricer while driving.

I already miss its little BOV noises. :TD:
been a while since i did an update.

Since april I've put a rear window motor in the car so that is functioning again (YAY!), put a stock rad fan back on the car cuz the slim one was giving me trouble and stock is better anyway. put the stock gauge cluster back in as well as stock ecu. stock IM, TB and injectors back on the car. Saturday I redid the brake system, rotors, pads, and MBC.

Couple little problems I've run into. Slim fan was giving me trouble because it wasn't getting power :-/ so stock rad fan doesn't work either lawls. I've checked the underhood relays, all the fuses, the fan DOES work, jumped it from the battery to test. Only things left is maybe the temp switch or wires are bad???? any advise is welcome, kinda lost and frustrated.

Brakes are being funky. before I replaced them it sounded like there was a warped rotor on the passenger side front, squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak. And then last week the passenger rear started squealing like a fucking stuck pig when I would brake and sometimes when I wouldn't. So I said fuck it, let's do this. Started working on it and I found on the RR caliper, one of the ?guide pins? (making up names) item 24 or 40 (see pic) was stuck like a bitch. So I managed to wiggle it out with some vise grips, lubed it up with some grease and stuck it back in, moves freely now like it should. So that fixed the banshee squealing brakes.

HOWEVER!!!!!, the warped rotor squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak, is still there!!! :wacko: FAWK! So unless I managed to pick up a new rotor that was warped similarly to the one I took off that I ASSumed was warped, then I think there is something else wrong. Funny thing was that neither the pads nore rotor showed any signs of abnormal ware. This is on the passenger front. The squeaking gets worse if I turn left untill it stops (which I think means that the pad is making full contact with the rotor) and gets better as I turn right (rotor losing all contact with pad). Thoughts on this? I might take a look at that caliper this weekend to see if everything is moving properly. But until then it is annoying as all hell. And I'm out of ideas.
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but how? hopefully its just one of the sliders is stuck like the rear one. 21 or 22

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