Since my local junkyards have had nothing but bad luck with the 98-02 accords lately, I would like to see if anyone in a reasonable driving distance can attain one.

Doesnt matter which of the years 98-02 it is. All I give a shit about, does it run, or did it run well, does the exterior have signs it has been taken care of (not blasted with oil or corrosion), and what price is wanted.

I have been driving upwards of 4 hours away looking for engines, and most junkyards that have one, the engine has looked pretty terrible, or was smashed up front, leading me to assume an overheating situation, or something more foolish, like someone taking a valvecover, and leaving it open to the elements for years at a time.

Yes, I understand the website's name.

But my Insight would love the D's big brother. the F23 engines quite easily make over 200whp if I ever get a bug, and in stock form with tuning, should EASILY net me over 60mpg. The Insight is under 1600 pounds without a battery pack or engine and trans. So the swap brings it still under my limit of 1750

This WTB is going to be left up in the hopes someone sees the 54601 zipcode and goes FUCK i have one right here!