I will pay shipping for your trashed oem honda crankshaft from ANY of the d15 or d16 engines.

At this time I am only looking for ONE.

I will be looking into doing crankshaft modifications and need some testing mules.

Crankshaft's only requirement is it is in one complete piece and all journal surfaces are present to some degree.

I will be drilling these out to figure out actual oil passages to see where we can find some power and economy.

Since these will be garbage crankshafts, pack them with a pair of coffee cans taped together, and bubblewrap stuffed into the cans, and toss it into a box.

My zipcode is 54601. Grab an online quote for the rough weight and dimensions, and we can go from there.

I only do cash locally or paypal online.

If you are within a reasonable driving distance, I am more than happy to make a trip