Looking for either a d15z1 or d15b8 cylinder head. Either is fine.

Needs to be complete valvetrain and ready to use. Prefer untouched in all manner. (no porting, no repairs, etc..)

Needing valve stem seals and valve guides is fine. But no scarring in the chambers, no warpage over 0.002"

Valvetrain friction surfaces will need to be in good condition.

None of my preferred junkyards have a good example of either engine.

Doing a tunable economy build in my Honda Insight. Was going to go Kpro and D17, but then I found the honda OBD1 speeduino plug and play setup. " 'Nuff said" says the wallet.

54601 is my zipcode.

I prefer to pay cash, if not paypal. Not doing any other method.

I can drive a reasonable distance if need be.