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WTB some ish

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ok i need a few things list will grow lol

delta 272 or 282
adj cam gear
y8 header
ex cluster
p29s w/ rods

let me know if anyone has these thanks hit me up on the cell if you do since im not on here much because of no comp :TD: 727 271 0237
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well so much for welcome back i keep this bumping for him just to keep his busy hand busy!!!
To bad you didnt live here in Chicago, I would just give you my y8 header LOL...
^^ give me James (Xmas is my escuse)
^^ give me James (Xmas is my escuse)
If you were gonna use them then I would, but your gonna sell them and make 100% profet you SOB LOL...
lol i'll pay shipping if you want and some cash lol
When my JDM cluster gets here you can buy my EX cluster in my 4 door
k cool man just let me know you got my number
on the phone w/cake bump. he said bump.
HAHAHA looks like we all got his back txt his nep ass ANother bump in search of ur Y8 sucka
hahaha thanks dudes ttt again y8 header someone please
bumpin it up for cake ;)
thanks man looks like noone has a damn header what about shocks anyone lol
to the top once again
crower gear, and fuel rail up for grabs......
im assuming its not an OEM header youre after right?
im assuming its not an OEM header youre after right?
yes it is, the 99-00 EX's came with a tubular manifold, not a cast one... double walled too

very nice for stock
1 - 20 of 22 Posts