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wtb:obd2 injectors

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i need a set of obd 2 injectors fo r a good price email me if you have a set thanx
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I have a couple sets

96-98 d16y7 injectors

or the newer 99+ injectors with the "air assist" crap

Which set do you need?
Make me an offer

PS, do you need hte fuel rail, FPR and stuff also?
Cheetah said:
Wait a minute!! Whats this about 99-00 injectors and air assist crap? I have a 98 y7 and bought a new 00 y8 and was going to use a 97 intake manifold and injectors. Until I read this post.
Please help
I am pretty sure the y8 99-00 style manifolds have the air assist or something, the injectors are physically different.

If you're using a 97 intake on it, I think you need to block off some vacuum stuff (or vice versa. can't think)
Ah, what would you be willing to pay?

my aim = Dester233

Let me know.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts