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WTB: DDR266 (PC2100) 512 RAM & AGP 2x/4x Video Card

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**1/1/07 Update** - just bought a new kingston 512 chip off newegg so I don't need RAM anymore!

Next, I need a AGP 2x/4x video card. MUST be 2x/4x, NOT 4x/8x. My mobo can't handle 4x/8x and don't want to find out what will happen. Also post wug and price please. Model number would be awesome.

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Custom built desktop with an old mobo. Currently has 512 & 256 chip (looking to upgrade the 256), uses onboard mobo video, P4 2.4GHZ processor.

It's decent. Just looking for a lil upgrade.
i got a rack of computers downstairs i use to do computer networkin indc area ill see what i got tomorrow and let u know
why not pop in a 1g stick?????
i bought my 512 stick on ebay, works great :TU:
why not pop in a 1g stick?????
Older motherboards might not recognize the entire 1GB. For instance, I tried to put a 512 stick in my old computer, but it only recognized 256.
It's better and more efficient to run dual channel kits (ie - 2x 512) over 1x 1GB.

But I just bought a 512 kingston chip off newegg that should be here by Thursday latest so all I need is the graphics card now.
Where in NY are you?
I think I have a 32mb 2x/4x card. How's 5$ sound if you're local. I'm in NYC
I have a S3 Trio 3D/2X $10 shipped. Drivers are here:
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