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wow. to this day i dont know why people do that.

i mean, at least once a week i would have to repair someones factory harness. then the install would cost almost double. all because they didnt want to spend 20 bucks on a harness.

the best is when people think the universal color code on the back of the aftermarket radio is supposed to match the OEM colors.

3,646 Posts
heres the break down
red- switched 12v
yellow-constant 12v
blue-power antenna
blue/white-amp turn on

The rest are your speakers. you can fin out which one by taking a 9v battery and touching the leads to each side. Hope this helps a little.
Here is the setup for your car.. Hope this helps.

+12V DC Battery(Constant) White/blue 47 7.5 amp Underhood fuse/relay box
Switched Accessory Yellow/red 28 10 amp Underdash fuse/relay box
Ground Black
Illumination Red/black & red
Left Front + Blue
Left Front - Gray/black
Right Front + Red/green
Right Front - Brown/black
Left Rear + Blue/yellow
Left Rear - Gray/white
Right Rear + Red/yellow
Right Rear - Brown/white
it was taken care of

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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