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Hey d-series. Had to make a new account just so I could have a few questions answered.

I have a 98 civic ex auto that has a rod knock, I have decided to swap it out with a b18c (don't hurt me.) Anyways I have been reading up on this writeup....

And since my car is OBD2-A I would have to run a jumper harness to run OBD1 (yes, I know In some places its illegal to run a older engine in a newer chassis, but here they do not have any sort of car inspection)

My thing is would I have to run a 98 OBD2A 5 spd EX wire harness, or could I use my EX Auto harness? I guess I'm just really confused about the whole thing. (I wouldn't have a problem with adding and deleting wires, I'm an electrician after all, but everything Plug and play would be ideal)

Now for the manual swap.

Ive read up on this write up also

My only question is would this apply to a B-Series Tranny too?

Thanks for your time

*EDIT* Cant post links since I'm a n00b :sign4:
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