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how to convert the dx DPFI wireing to become a MPFI i because i am swapping the d16a6 si motor into my 91 dx and i know that its not plug and play so help all i got done is taking the dx motor out and that about it i would like to go further so if you peeps can give mee more info or any websites that relate to the particular swap please help another person who wants to say oh yeah i did that myself instead of oh my mechanic did this and i jus sate there and watched

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If you're doing the SOHC vtec you'll need to get something to run the VTEC obviously. I'm planning on using a PR3 JDM B16A ecu so that I have something to run the VTEC with. Then tune it with the VAFC. The VAFC is slow by itself to adjust the fuel when the VTEC engages, and alot of people experience a big lag when the VTEC engages as a result.
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