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Hi to all,

First of all - I have Honda Civic Hatchback 2/3door 1992 (MX) JDM (Japanese Import)
Engine is 1.5 (D15B) its dual carburetor engine NON-VTEC (chassis code starts with: EG4)

I need timing belt kit and water pump for it...

I have made some inquiry from ebay sellers about the bundles they are selling but they have denied that it will suit my engine. Can you tell me from your experience if it will suit my engine or not, as I think it should suit but I'm not too sure... Sometimes seller reads the sticker of the item on sale and without finding description just picks easyest way to say NO...

Here is listing http links:

eBay Motors: 88-95 Honda DelSol 1.5 D15B Timing Belt Kit Water Pump (item 260336914340 end time May-22-09 14:10:08 PDT)


eBay Motors: 88-95 HONDA CIVIC CX DX 1.5 TIMING BELT WATER PUMP D15B (item 200325188253 end time May-26-09 14:06:54 PDT)

I think it should work just fine... what do you think?

Please help me...

Thanks to all who will try to

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