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will this code cause me to be in limp in mode?

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i don't know if honda calls it limp in mode, that's what chrysler calls it. anyways i have a p08 ecu and it has been chipped with a b16 program but the b16 has a 4 wire o2 sensor so my ecu throws a code for the o2 sensor heater circuit failure. will this cause a performance loss? i have unsoldered the the j1 jumper and it works fine for now but when i do my high compression motor build i will need to have the b16 programm. also will i get any increase on my mini me by running the b16 chip? thanks for any help.
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please help me
civic4ges said:
I think it would cause your computer to go into safe mode. It does not think its reading the air/fuel mixture correctly so it is compensating for this by running conservatively
not what i wanted to hear. thanks though.
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