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who's done homemade front lip?

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I am wanting to know what material is used for the lip. Any info would help, thanks
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U could be like nascar, and get a heat gun strip of plastic at lowes. lol
You can use all kinds of different stuff, just find something that is fairly flexible and take time to make it look good. If you search there's already a whole thread about this WITH good pix.
Lawn edging

leftover from the neighbor......
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PM Senses Fail y0. He did one....
Most of them look really ghetto. I'd just buy one, its not like they are $$$$. Hell, buy one and modify it with a plastic welder if you want a custom look.
a friend of mine had a 91 civic hatch and took another bumper flipped it upside down so you know it will line up...then pretty much cut it in half..cut along signals and around the grill ... looked decint for homemade
some things are defintly better bought that looks like ass
Lawn edging

leftover from the neighbor......
Well if you use garden edge stuff... have some patience and trim the hook edges.
it's gonna get scraped up, why spend the money on something that looks nice???

The hook edges were left there FOR A REASON.

May not be pretty, but it works
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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