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Who Knows This Tb Question?

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Does a Honda S2000 Throttle Body fit on a D16z6 Edelbrock intake manifold?
According to the TB chart the Inlet size of the S2000 throttle body is 62MM so is the Edelbrock intake manifold.

So my question is:

Will I have problemes with the instalation of the Throttlebody to the Intake manifold?
Can I use the TPS&MAP sensor of the S2000? ODB-1/2?
Please answer ASAP

Thanx in Advance
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ummm im looking at my bros throttle body and manifold right now(S2K) and it looks like its all back words... just get Edelbrocks Thr. Body. it'll save you a shitload of time and effort
But I have the chance to get a S2000 TB for only 125 so I need to know for sure
Find one of an H22, there also 62mm IIRC and bolt on.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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