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Who here knows alot about Auto-X classing

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I need someone to talk to about the auto-x classifications and such..

anyone willing to help me on aim?
ive looked at so many charts and rules its confusing me... thanks
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This site has plenty of things about auto X
i looked all through the link.. thank you

a few unanswered questions though

i have the asr brace... vietnemeeh says they are illegal in st and sp class.. where does that leave me...

will i have to compete against highly moddified cars just because of the one asr brace?
what is a ASR brace?????

2 point or 3 point?????

2 point = SP
3 point = P or M

street classes, never got into them.

First time someone bitched about my car, I went from CSP to OM class. I won the class because I was the only one in it!!!! The complainer ended up 4th.......

pissed him off the Mod classes were announced first :)
Technically if you have the ASR brace you are at least in Street Mod. HOWEVER, there are a good number of cars running all over this country with that same brace (whether it's the Comptech piece or the ASR piece) that are running in ST/SP. The cars are illegal, but they are still running in that class.

If you are running locally, not divisionals or nationals, I would be very surprised if anybody protested you over a rear subframe brace. If they did, you would lose, but I have never in almost 10 years of autocrossing and doing open track days seen a protest at a local regional event.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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