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88 CRX
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I am adding ABS to my 1988 CRX.
The ABS is coming from a 1991 Integra GS.
The CRX has a D16Z6 and a 1989 CRX cable trans.
I can't use the Integra driveshaft as the joint that goes into the trans is too large of a diameter and I can't swap joints from the Integra driveshaft to the EF driveshaft as the Integra axle itself is a larger diameter.
I ordered a 1995 Civic EX driveshaft as they came with ABS but the complete driveshaft is too long, it looks like just the axle is longer, not the joints.

Does anyone know of a driveshaft that would be a direct fit into an EF that comes with an ABS tone ring OR if I swap joints from an EF to an EG axle shaft.
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