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2Civic3 - Ryan is right. Use your factory service manual (Helms Manual) to plastigauge your bearings. The manual will show you what colors to buy from your dealer. Bearings from the dealer are not cheap! Inspect your existing bearings well, reuse those that you can, and buy only what you need. for factory service manuals. Also any of the aftermarket bearings are kind of a "one size fits okay" solution. They are fine if you are having machine work done, as the machine shop can polish as need to make the bearing clearances correct. If you are rebuilding yourself, use the manual and the OEM bearing halves.

KyleVA - That "Boost Bottom End" kit that you mention is no where complete. In order to use Vitaras and boost the engine, you'll need connecting rods too. You cannot run Vitaras (floating pin) on the stock rods which are press pins. You only descibe the head gasket as "metal", so I really don't know about that, but you can't go wrong with Cometic and ARP Headstuds. If you are doing this build yourself, I would suggest...

Vitaras from fjt (a established and trusted user here on the forum)
TT or Eagle Rods (have these honed to fit the pins in the Vitaras)
Cometic MLS Gasket
ARP Headstuds
Buy OEM bearings as directed by the manual
Enjoy boost.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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