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I realize this is but I'm looking for any help that I can get lol. I've heard that the y1 b16 transmission came with different types of lsds, so I am unsure which one this is.

Long story short, my buddy had a y1 lsd tranny and the input shaft snapped in half at the drag strip. He swapped out the input shaft and replaced some of the bearings. He reused his old gears and such from the y1. While on jack stands, the car made this noise:

He pulled the tranny out, bought a different one and let the y1 sit.

I have came into possession of the tranny and I want to fix it. We were under the suspicion that the lsd is bad. So here is the lsd, I'm guessing its a clutch type? If it is, where would I get a new clutch pack for it? I've tried searching and I've had no luck. Any input would be much appreciated


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