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93 Legend L Coupe.
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Pics are hosted courtesy of The ZC Resource. If you have a ZC, head over there some time.

Pics to follow.

I have two D15s. (Three actually, but I don't know what's wrong with the third one) The D15 in my Parents' 91 Hatch died. (Long story, it was negelected for a while, then went clankity clank crunch.) I purchased 2 D15s for $75 (total) and while one of them is in overall excellent shape, it was stored for over a year with the spark plugs out and one bore has rust on it to the point it would need to be bored out. The second engine has decent bores, but you can tell it was abused and the bearings all need to be replaced and the crank has some minor scoring on the rod journals. Since this is a budget build, I found Clevite bearings and thrust washers at Summit for less than $50 (Thanks to Mista Bone, AKA TransZex). I am contemplating swaping cranks and then checking clearances.

If I new pistons could be afforded and I could find a shop to bore out the cylinders, I wouldn't hesitate to rebuild the first engine. It's in overall good shape.

The second engine block has me a bit worried. As you can see, the rod bearings have been really hammered and the crank is very slightly scored on the #1 and #4 rod journal. It has been worked on, though. I know for a fact it has had a new timing belt and waterpump on it. The person who ran it before put in platinum plugs (but as you can see, they aren't in great shape), and at least took the time to do SOMETHING or at least pay to have something done to it. I was told it burned oil. (Duh!) I haven't taken the pistons out, and I won't as I have to put the engine back together tonight so I can take both back home and rebuild them when I am on leave for Christmas and New Year's.

Larger pics can be found here:

First Engine:

And here is the afforementioned rust spot on the cylinder wall:
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