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Whats up fellow D-series fiends...

I have a JDM D15B with P08 vtec head, (vtec not wired up cuz thats how I got it from the lame ass shop i went to get my swap done) thats for another day....

Anyhooo....I have a JDM D15B with the p08 vtec head, running a chipped p06, not sure what its chipped for, but whatever and my dizzy is the TD-41U. MY TB is the one that came with the swap (kinda long and skinny looking) I currently have a 4 spd trans in my 90 hatchie...i have pigtails that came with the swap..

now....i have a shell that has another p06 in it, what looks to be a 1.6l TB (its the super fat looking one), and it has dizzy # TD-42U along with si tranny #PL3 3000... my question is this, (by the way, the head gasket and perhaps the engine itself is shot on the shell, trying to sell that off)

Can I and should I take the TB and dizzy and throw it in my car and will it all live happy together in my D15B (the si tranny will be going to my car no doubt about that) :0) I don't currently have vtec wired up (stupid shop did n't do it, gave me some excuse about the dizzy not being the right one and never bothered to give me the right one)

Please help....I've tried to look everywhere but there are no straight answers for my particular application....

Thanks in advance cuz this is driving me to :beer:
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