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Need some help in setting the correct timing on my engine.

D16z6 Bottom End - Z6 Crank Pulley

D16Y8 Head

I have a d16z6 camshaft and camgear, Is it possible to use on the d16y8 head?

Will my timing be correct?

Or do I need to use a d16y8 camshaft and z6 camgear ?

Curious George
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IIRC, cam + cam gear need to match. So wouldn't matter if you used z6 cam + z6 gear or y8 cam + y8 gear. They just need to match.

Since you have a z6 block, stock with the z6 cam + z6 gear.

I'm sure someone will flame if I'm mistaken :)
I think you only need to match cam and cam gear of the same generation, that's it.
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