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Where to buy ... ?

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I know I am so going to get the "use the search button" answer for this but I did use it and 22 or something pages was WAY more than I wanted to search through so I decided to just make a new forum.

What are some reputable shops/websites (prefferably ones that can ship it to me) that sell the D16Z6 entire swap. Engine, tranny, ECU, possibly axles, everything that i'll need to put it in my car. I have a 1992 Civic VX Hatch with the D15Z1.

Even if you find a thread already started based on this topic that has links, and you post the link here.

I was gonna try and fix up the 'ol D15Z1 but everyone says, "do a motor swap". So here I am ready to do the swap. All I need is a point in the right direction on where to get it.

I do have a link ( that sells the complete D15B V-TEC setup for $750.00 So if this D16Z6 thread falls through and no one says otherwise or has any reason for me to go the D16 route than i'll just get the D15B setup.

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i think if you attempt to call hmotors, they can probably set you up with a z6 for about the same price. i don't really know of any other reputable shops, because i've never done a swap personally, but everyone that has, that i know, has gotten their motor from there or a junkyard.
hmotors for sure.. if they dont havea z6, get a zc vtec, jdm equivalent of a z6
Awesome guys. Thanks.

So go with the D16Z6 then huh? Not the D15B V-TEC?
i'm personally a fan of a z6, based on the idea of the infinite aftermarket support
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