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2003 Hyundai Sonta
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I'm new and thought I should post in here or ya to get to know me.

I started working on cars at 15 and my first engine swap was when I was 19. I installed 4efte in a 91 Toyota tercel. Then blew that engine and installed a high compression 5efhe with TDO4L-13g running Ford EDIS ignition and megasquirt II. Dynoed in at 187hp but that cause the turbo was to small for my setup and couldn't go past 15psi without blowing hot.

Now I have 1998 civic LX and swapping in a y5 do to y7 engine failure. I'm sure you seen my showcase. If not you should check it out under 98 lx D16y7 to D16y7.

Thanks for reading

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