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Whats up D-Series people.

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Im a currently 15 year old car enthusiast with a 1998 Ek hatch currently in the process of boosting it by myself.

Build List:
D16Y7 Block-
King Bearings
FJ Rspec Rods
Vitara Pistons 75mm
ARP Headstuds
Oem Headgasket

Stock Valvetrain
Y8 Intake/Throttle body
Omnipower 4 bar
Deatchswerks 340LPH
DSM Blacktops 450CC

Precision GT35R
Tial Wastegate

Mugen Style Wing
Maxpeedingrods Coilovers
SPUN Wheels (bbs reps)

Chipped P06 with Moates CN2
Tuning with HTS
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I'll have to say this... it's gonna blow up. I'll also say this... don't let that discourage you. I probably smoked 10 motors before I had my license, learn from every disaster, allow it to temper you. 😃 it will be good for you in the end. Welcome to the car crazy, bone headed, money wasting club😜
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