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Whats up D-Series people.

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Im a currently 15 year old car enthusiast with a 1998 Ek hatch currently in the process of boosting it by myself.

Build List:
D16Y7 Block-
King Bearings
FJ Rspec Rods
Vitara Pistons 75mm
ARP Headstuds
Oem Headgasket

Stock Valvetrain
Y8 Intake/Throttle body
Omnipower 4 bar
Deatchswerks 340LPH
DSM Blacktops 450CC

Precision GT35R
Tial Wastegate

Mugen Style Wing
Maxpeedingrods Coilovers
SPUN Wheels (bbs reps)

Chipped P06 with Moates CN2
Tuning with HTS
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So you're 15 years old?

Or you've been a car enthusiast for 15 years?

Or both?
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DSM Blacktops 450CC
If you're running these, don't forget to use a resistor box! You'll cook your ECU injector drivers otherwise!

Read up on the difference between saturated (high impedance) vs peak and hold (low impedance) injectors to learn about why you need to run one.

Hint, DSM injectors of the turbo eclipse/talon era are all peak and hold.

Both I'd Say :LOL:
If you really are 15 years old, and you've done enough research and reading to assemble the build list you've put together, and doing things by yourself, im impressed.

Most 15 yrs olds cant find their ass out of a Roblox game.

Have you acquired any of the above listed parts yet? Or is that a shopping list of future items to get?

To quote @Oldcivicjoe's post above, welcome to said club.

I promise if you keep your head in this world long enough, you'll stay clean and out of drugs and dumb shit, mainly because you won't have money for drugs, and all your time will be spent under your hood lol.

Have fun above all else! Remember, if your having fun and your passionate about it, staying happy and bettering yourself (gaining valuable skills, etc.) while you're at it, its NEVER a waste of money. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Just because THEY wouldnt have spent money on it, doesnt mean it wasnt worthwhile.

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