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need some help, i meet someone selling this set-up is this worth picking up at a good price. and how much would you offer .

-precision turbo t3/t4, .70
-tial wastegate w/ dumptube
-APEXi bov with charge pipe
-custom intercooler with blitz dd bov mounted
-custom d series turbo manifold
-5zigen axle back for ek hatch
-autometer cobalt boost gauge
-MSD blaster 2 coil
-MSD SCI-L unit
-Custom oil lines and return unit


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If the turbo and all the seals are good and everything is in good shape then i would say around 1000 is a pretty good price for all that. The turbo alone was around 800 new. He prolly has about 2 grand into that whole setup if it was all bought new.
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