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d16 turbo build ...whats the lowest compression ratio i could run

ok for the serious guys with knowledge in here ..... i have some parts laying around and i decided to build a lil sohc turbo......i got a set of b16 eagle rods doing nothing brand new ycp pistons 7.5:1 got in a trade and a full turbo kit
so if i done my research right i should be able to put that combo together
but it will just lower the compression just a lil too much since the b16 rods are shorter.
b16 rod journal 1.777 d16 rod journal 1.777
b16 big end width 23.749 d16 big end width 22.656 (i might have to shave some of the width of the b16 rod) pls if im wrong someone correct me
ycp pistons 75.00 mm
head gasket .030 mm
with a rought calculator online its telling me with that setup should a CR
of 6.36:1
arp studs
stock head
stage 4 clutch and PP
planning on boosting about 20 maybe more depending on what the tunner says .......
drag mani 450 cc injectors FPR FMI HKS bov
turbo ar 50.

what u guys think if it would work .....want some opinions before i piece it togethe...just wanna try something diferent
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