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Hi all, this is my first post here. I've been playing with D series motors for a couple of years and and working on blowing up my third motor. ;-)

I'm building a spare Y7 block and want stronger rods on a budget (aftermarket is too much $$.) I've seen people say they've put LS rods (I believe b18b1 is correct) in d series blocks. What is involved in doing this?

I have a ported Y7 head milled down .030"
I'm constructing a plan for a high compression bottom end.
Here's what I've devised so far. Guidance is appreciated.
Gude Y7 cam (only manufacturer I found for the Y7 head)
Y7 Block
LS rods
PM3 or PM6 pistons (PM3s preferably)
possibly block posting
ARP bolts and studs maybe
Extensive tuning
Rough calculations indicate 11.5:1 CR.

Later on would be springs and retainers.

thanks everyone.


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The small end bore must be resized by rebushing to accept the smaller civic pin while the big end must be lathed to civic spec thickness. (honda tuning spring 01) However, if you can use teg pistons with the teg pin, you may not have to do anything to the small end (need second opinion) and if you notch the block, you may not have to lathe the shoulder at all, only the crank hole. Now, this must come from a 90-97 teg (B18A1 non-vtec) engine. 86-89 are strictly bolt on but not all are any stronger than stock as the thicker ones are a diferent alloy (like the D16A6 ones.) I strongly recomend that if you are going to do this, that you destress the rods by shot peening them AFTER all the work is done.
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