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What's a good spring rate to autoX on?

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Okay I have heard on here that 10kg on the front and 6kg on the back is a good setup for an EG. Is this true? I personally was thiking 13kg front and 7kg in the rear. what do you guys think? I'm gonna call ground control 2morrow and see what happens with pricing.
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huh...? where did you hear that setup was good
its all preference i think... but i believe the norm would be stiffer in the rear but maybe EGs are differnt

didnt you say u were on 1000lb rates a while back?
got rid of them. am going with a different setup now.
what class are you planning on running in? what tires are you going to be running on? what shocks do you currently have?
Hre's some good sertup info. Maybe not your chassis but might be a good starting point.
Man you guys are acting like I fot tons of money or somethin'! J/K but not really. Anyways I am going to run 14'' Azenis RT-615's. Got a ITR front sway, H brace lower tie bar, all around lower tie bars, no rear sway because I (like a fucking idiot) bought the Apexi WS catback and it's muffler is too big for me to use a rear sway. Actually thinking about making my own axleback to swap out for autoX's only (probably will be straight pipe, yeah I hate it too but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than another axleback. Besides I'm not switching to another catback for full time because I love the sound of my WS!). The only thing I have left are the ebay coilovers and OEM struts (I know once I get stronger spring rates that they will kill the struts that are on here but right now don't really have alot of money!) I called a local speedshop here and they said they can get me Tanabe springs at whatever rate I want for $125 a pair. Is this good? I never could get a hold of someone from ground control on the phone so I called these guys and I thikn that for $125 a pair is pretty good what do you guys think?
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soyour running SM

your going to want to get a new wheel and tire setup, runo n R comp tires... that will get you beter times then spending money on suspension and running on street tires

but id go with ground control then those tanabes
$125 a pair is fairly reasonable IMO.
Yeah I thought so too. It's hard to talk to ground control, I can't get them on the phone. I like making my orders over the phone not online to much room for interpretation.
do you really want to improve the handling of your car, for autocross AND street? sell all your braces and strut bars. take that money and buy a set of koni sports. put any spring on them. or, if you can swing it, buy the coilover sleeves and 2.25" to 2.5" spring adapter from koni, then find someone selling used springs that are 8" long, 2.5" diameter and 400lbs/in for the front, 450lbs/in for the rear. if you worked real hard at finding quality used stuff for a little less then new, you could have a 90% coilover setup for under $600.

all the other crap you've done to your car will pale in comparison to the improvement this suspension will give you. just don't lower it too much.
ITR bar on the front, and NO bar on the rear... I would not want to drive your car... It must have horrible understeer.
You should probably modify the cat back to fit a bar in back.
Post some pics, I'm sure I can give you advice...
I've had an HKS hiper, and now have a full 3" setup that does not hit anything!
I talked to ground control today and they said that I should run 350 lbs. all around to make up for the rear sway. Plus he said that those spring rates are going to max out the AGX but he said that it would be fine as long as I don't go with stiffer springs. what do you guys think about that? I can get them for $59 each so we are looking at around $300 dollars for all 4.
soudns good the GC guys know their stuff
If GC says that's what you should run, then that's what you should run. eos
Personally, I wouldn't waste my time with the AGX's. They are a vastly inferior damper compared to the Koni's. Save your money, buy right the first time.

Why are the AGX's so inferior? Well, they are adjustable, but use a needle and seat style adjuster. This makes them so they don't have a lot of low speed rebound control (what you want for changing the handling feel of the car) and they also increase compression force simultaneously. That is really not good for tuning the handling. I can go into more detail if you like or if you don't believe me. I can even post links to the shock dyno plots of the KYB's, Koni's and Tokico's.

If you go with AGX's and start autocrossing a lot, you'll end up wishing you'd bought Koni's instead.
The problem I have with koni's and tokiko's is they are too damned expensive. I'm sure they are better, I never said that they weren't but the problem still remains is that I don't have a lot of money to spend here. I mean I have one 3 yr old son, one more on the way and a wife. Plus it's right after christmas, so I don't have alot of money.
Where are you located?
Seriously, try to alter the exhaust and run a swaybar.
You can get it done for less and the handling will be great.
If you're near NY, I could probably help you on the exhaust for cost of wire/gas (5$) post pics of current setup...
The problem I have with koni's and tokiko's is they are too damned expensive. I'm sure they are better, I never said that they weren't but the problem still remains is that I don't have a lot of money to spend here. I mean I have one 3 yr old son, one more on the way and a wife. Plus it's right after christmas, so I don't have alot of money.

didnt you mention you wanted to be competitive?

the only way would be to start off with whats known to be the best.. then of course seat time
Hulk, can you list your engine setup?
Aside from Chris Travis's stripped, custom geared, ITR powered civic, I don't thinks civics are that competitive in SM class against the modded Lancers and Stis... ESPECIALLY N/A d16 powered street cars with questionable suspension setups.
Chris has an INSANE susp setup, fully adjustable, and a 32MM ASR rear bar... Plus he's an absolutely incredible driver! He rode with me once last year and gave me tips. That day he got FTD beating GJ dixon's SS Z06 (GJ got pax though, and I got an awesome ride in the Vette...)
My car has 272hp, and (though I'm not a great driver yet) I'm way behind some of the other SM cars.
1) sell your h-brace and strut bars
2) take the money from #1, combine it with the money you were going to waste on AGX's and buy fair condition used Koni's for $300
3) buy the adjustable sleeves and 2.5" spring adapter from Koni
4) use the springs that came with your Ebay coilovers.
5) when you get more money, buy springs with a higher spring rates or a different balance

While a rear bar would be nice, it is certainly not necessary for regional autocrossing.

I understand you don't have a lot of money. That is why I'm giving you advice on ways to get the most for your dollar. Buying the KYB's is almost as bad as just throwing away money. For example, you bought your ebay coilovers. Now you're looking at buying gc's because your ebay cheap crap isn't cutting it. HELLO!!! Do you learn from mistakes, or are you destined to repeat them time and again? If you buy the AGX's, I give you 1-2yrs before you are looking into buying Koni's. If you buy the Koni's, you'll be happy with them 5yrs into the future. Buy right the first time and only spend money once.
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