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I defintely wouldn't. Your injectors will be maxed out and your fuel pressure will be way too high. I would keep it around 5-6psi max on stock 240cc injectors, but your fuel pressure will still be pretty high with the FMU.

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8psi isn't THAT high, but it's high enough to make things alittle sketchy.

you have to remember that with an FMU, the more boost it sees,
the more it raises your fuel pressure.

and the crazy high fuel pressures are a downside to FMU's.
so if you run 8psi as opposed to 6psi, you'll probably still get all the fuel
you need, but your fuel system could be at such a crazy high level, you could
be damaging your injectors and maxing out your fuel pump.

Get some bigger injectors and run uberdata, or the SMC+ to control them,
if you MUST be supercheap. the SMC+ is like an analog VAFC, it lets you
control your injectors output by rpm range, but it does it using knobs/dials,
and only costs around 100bucks new.
or get a used vafc..

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MidShipCivic said:
Can I run Vortech FMU if I JUST ONLY want to run 8psi of boost on a stock D15b7 motor?
Thats not tuning..
Thats sucicide!!
Bad do that..
Unless you like to pay for engines then by all means go for it..

Seriously consider something better than vortechs overrated pos..
Like uberdata, or even afc..(i dont preferr it but...)

the hard-parker
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plus, don't forget. boost is addictive. once you get it, you'll want more. hence why there are those of us that choose uberdata, crome, turboedit, or hondata. these programs allow you to be a boost addict (to the limits of your motor obvioulsy) without worry that it'll blow itself or your fuel system up.
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